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Thursday, 23 June 2016


Hi all, I am really sorry for the absent and not able to blogwalk for this past few days. My mother was sick and I had to fly back to my hometown to take care of her and thank God that shes getting better day by day and hopefully she will regain her strength in this next few days as she is really weak.

Here are some of the comic strips which I have mention before and please do not worry as there will be more to come. Currently I am working on a project with my cousin for our own comic and stuff but that will be for another day to update as we are in the process of constructing a character design for the next project. Yeah..

Friday, 10 June 2016

Comic Strip

This was my 1st Comic Strip that I did sometime ago which is a day after my birthday in 2011. That time, I was with my colleague (an animator and comic artist). Those was the best day ever, we were working hard and completed lots of comics together,.I will try and find it on my External Hard drive and post it here. Hope fully it was still there. hehhe..if its not, then, please forgive me.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Friday, 3 June 2016

10 Crazy Cool College Courses that Really Exist!

And I know you are probably dying to pursue them too! Hahha

While most of us spend our college educations taking the standard, required courses, there are more than just the basics out there when it comes to college classes. These 10 courses are barely a handful of courses out there that walk the line between useful knowledge and the ridiculous, though many others offer great educational opportunities despite having names that don’t do them justice.

Believe or not, they really do exist!

1) A Study of Elvish Language
It's only at the University of Wisconsin where you can actually take a class that will teach you to communicate with elves. Although, we are not sure if all elves speak the same language, from country to country, this course is specific in the language from "Lord of the Rings".

2) Underwater Basket Weaving
Underwater basket weaving is used generally as an idiom referring in a negative way to supposedly easy and/or worthless college or university courses, and used generally to refer to a perceived decline in educational standards. At first, when you hear the title of this class, you might laugh but then when you realize that it's offered at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. In no way dampening one’s spirit, the weaving actually does not take place underwater; only the reeds are soaked.
However, the Student Resource Center at the University of Arizona offered a submerged snorkeling basket-weaving course in spring 1998. Also, in early 2009, a Rutgers University scuba diving instructor offered a one-off course.

3) The Textual Study of Tupac Shakur
Imagine your parents going “Im paying 40 thousand a year for you to analyse Tupac’s rap songs??” The dream of studying the influences behind Tupac Shakur’s lyrics has come true in three universities. Harvard, University of California Berkeley, and University of Washington all have offered classes on the late rap legend. In 2003, UW offered a class using books like “The Art of War” and “Hamlet” to decipher meaning in the late rap legend’s songs. After listening to his songs in the classroom, students analyzed their meaning and used the themes to discuss race, gender and class issues.

4) Tree Climbing
Because being able to climb trees is especially important in today's world, Cornell University stepped up to the plate and offered this course for those who understand just how important it really is.

5) Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame
At the University of South Carolina there's a professor by the name of Michael Deflem and his number one love is Lady Gaga. Deflem, so intrigued with Gaga and her fame, decided to offer a course on the topic.

6) Guerrilla Altruism: A Mini-Manual of Subversive Activism
This Temple University course investigates the strategies of contemporary “guerrilla artists and activists, reformers and humanitarians” to help solve global problems like poverty and educational disparity. The course is influenced by Argentine guerrilla leader Che Guevara. The best part may be the opportunity for students to become guerrilla activists themselves, “culminating in the design and realization of one or more small-scale humanitarian interventions within Temple’s surrounding communities.”

7) Philosophy and Star Trek
Though Star Trek has been known to creep its way into a number of college courses, including those that teach the Klingon language, Georgetown University now offers a philosophy course that centers around this pop-culture icon. The course examines the plausibility of time travel, the future possibilities that await us in space, what defines a person and a number of other metaphysical explorations that Star Trek has examined. As a part of a 12-credit full-time course load at Georgetown, this three-credit course costs $5,115.

8) The Politics of Beyonce
Thanks to Rutgers University, you can spend an entire semester discussing and studying just how awesome Beyonc√© is with your fellow ‘Bey’ lovers. From her music to her impact on feminism and social change, this class clearly gives our queen the royal treatment she deserves.

9) The Strategy of StarCraft
This University of California Berkeley offering is limited to super geeks only. It analyses the popular game StarCraft. Your daily game sessions will no longer go to waste.

10) Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse: Disasters, Catastrophes, and Human Behavior.
If you are an avid Walking Dead or World War Z fan and truly believe in an impending ‘zombie-pocalypse’ you might want to check this out. Michigan State University in America is pushing its zombie course hard, with a dedicated website and videos. The course asks the big questions, “Why do some survive and others don’t? What are the implications for planning, preparedness, and disaster management?” Ridiculous? Students in survival groups will apparently face multiple challenges and tasks as they attempt to survive the catastrophic event, escape death, and preserve the future of civilization. For the ability to survive ultimately rests not with the individual but the group.

Thursday, 2 June 2016